Kansas City Zoo MRI


What is up with Kansas City’s Health Care these days?  Carolyn Ragan went to her doctor for an MRI on her spine.  The hospital referred her to the Kansas City Zoo for the MRI machine that they use for the caged animals.  Ouch.  I think the doctor may need to work on his bedside manner a tad bit.   Do not get me wrong.  Ragan dresses out at 5 foot 275lb, which is great if you are a high school nose tackle.  But sending her to the zoo?  That is somewhat harsh.  I am not a doctor or radiologist but I could have solved her problem without comparing her to a baby rhino.  Do you need a freaking MRI machine when a polaroid would do the trick?  See this picture.  Your spine is hurting because you are carrying around an adult male all day.  Go lose 175lbs and  you will be fine.  Have a nice day.  Not that hard Kansas City.

Editors Note: I did not have a picture of Carolyn Ragan or the Kansas City Zoo MRI.  I compromised with Zooey Deschanel.  Close enough.


42 Responses to “Kansas City Zoo MRI”

  1. “straight cash homey”

    hahah, oh that Moss

  2. As a proud resident currently of Kansas City, I can tell you that the big girls around here know how to put some food down……..BBQ, steak, small children….they will devour it.

  3. Your zoo probably needs a giant oven more than a giant MRI machine.

  4. If you are fat accept the fact that not all machines are made for people that are morbidly obese. As for comparing her to a baby rhino, that is a real insult to baby rhinos everywhere.

  5. I woulda try to stuff her ass into a regular MRI then sent her to the Zoo….that woulda been enough motivating humiliation to maybe drop some weight….Ohhhh even better would be to send her to the juicer like Violet in Willy Wanka

  6. Haha! I spent the majority of that post thinking, “Fuck…this chick they sent to the zoo looks a hell of a lot like Zooey Deschanel…”

    Little slow on the uptake. Perhaps I need to be sent to the zoo for an MRI.

  7. i am leve a image

  8. Fat people are like religious ones. You can say anything to them and they will get offended.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    hi zooey how are you today

  10. Zooey is one of the prettiest women ever.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    …………. …… …… …. … …. … ……. …… .. . ……

  12. otherwise

  13. zooey deschanel is beautiful

  14. Anonymous Says:

    you were great in the movie bridge to teribithia

  15. Anonymous Says:

    and you were great in the movie elf

  16. Anonymous Says:

    my name really is anonymous

  17. Anonymous Says:

    its gonna rain

  18. Anonymous Says:

    zooey deschanl looked hotter and beautiful in bridge to teribithia

  19. antonious bill deschanel Says:

    this is bill deschanel i know we have the same last name but im not your son

  20. antonious bill deschanel Says:

    its gonna rain

  21. antonious bill deschanel Says:

    zooey deschanel looks beautiful in the movie elf

  22. zooey looks like jovie from elf


  24. ay zooey when i saw you in elf i though you were someone else

  25. hey its bill and i just turned 8 your pretty nice zooey your voice sounds beautiful.

  26. this is bill if you know bridget drake then why dont they make my life misrable on your own risk i like to see them try lousy.

  27. yeah i like this song

  28. you and your sister are beautiful

  29. am I funnier when im drunk

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i have a problem with black people

  31. Anonymous Says:


  32. Anonymous Says:

    hey zooey i havent talked to you for so long i stilll thing your beautiful

  33. Anonymous Says:

    i want you to know something zooey you have beautiful eyes

  34. James d. conrad Says:

    serves you right

  35. UNKNOWN NAME Says:

    it sounded like this message came from someones NINTENDO DSI

  36. Anonymous Says:

    james is playing

  37. Anonymous Says:

    ha ha ha i cannot beleive i am replying zooey on my dsi my fucking god. its me bill deschanel happy halloween

  38. Anonymous Says:

    3 2 1 and hes back im so over my dsi thing and looks like i own 300 dollars

  39. OMG who is this weirdo dude saying all this randomness :O


  41. Dang it I cant stand Black People im telling you

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