Watch the Birdie


Nice job US Airways.  You lucked out that your pilot, Chesley Sullenberger III, knew what the hell he was doing.  He is a hero and all of that but come on.  How can a 5lb bird knock your 747 out of the air?  This is not a Looney Toones episode.  Your 800k lb plane was disabled because a bird flew into it.  I run into pigeons while jogging all the time and it never causes me to break stride except when I am hungry.  We are not talking about a Stinger Missile.  A freaking bird did this.  (Note to our Al Qaeda readers…You cannot train pigeons) I’m not an aerospace engineer but maybe you should put some chicken wire outside of your engine.  Your average Arkansas  farmer can show you how that works.  You never know when a bird is going to come out of nowhere.  This is why I only fly on my Gulfstream.

Don’t forget the other reason not to fly commercial.  (Click Here)


One Response to “Watch the Birdie”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It wasn’t a 747, it was a smaller aircraft: an Airbus.

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