Casey Carlson American Idol


First, I have no idea if this girl is 18 or not.  I assume she is 21 but if not I apologize to our deviant readers with legal problems.  Just let your neighbors know it may not be your fault this time and step back 200 yards from your computer.  Everything will be fine. The female above is Casey Carlson who is generating buzz for being on American Idol.

I guess American Idol has changed up the formula and decided to let hot girls on the show.  There is really not any ground left for this show to cover.  They have exploited every mentally retarded person outside of the Manning family.  Even Michael Bolton is embarrassed for the confused Kansas kid belting out the Motown classics.   I applaud American Idol for now doing what they should have done all along.  No more Clay Aiken, no more fat guy, no more ugly girl, no more the other guy, or that girl or any of the other nameless singers who won.  Bring on the swimsuits.  What is more American than exploiting hot college girls?  I may actually watch the show for the first time now.  Probably not but it is a step in the right direction.


One Response to “Casey Carlson American Idol”

  1. I went to high school with Casey and she is very talented in both acting and singing.

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