Mo Money Mo Problems

The man was scared to death not to let him take today off.  I plan on enjoying the holiday by catching Notorious.  For those of you not in the rap scene, this movie is about Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie aka Biggie Smalls aka Christopher Wallace.  This is actually getting good reviews despite the fact that PDiddy is involved.  Word of advice for my suburban white readers.  If you are scared to go, stay at home.  If it is not showing in your neighborhood movie theater then just wait until it comes out on dvd excuse me blu ray (Did not mean to disrespect).  I was able to score a clip of the movie.  After watching this, I think I need 17 shells so I make it understood.   Watch and you’ll understand.


One Response to “Mo Money Mo Problems”

  1. doublebacon Says:

    Good god, why don’t these crackers do us all a favor and drive that boat into a cliff? By the way, Fat Joe left Atlantic.

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