Yes We Can


I’m guessing most of you who visit our site do not follow politics.  We are here for you.  The votes are counted and Obama won today.  There you go.  More importantly, we get four years of the Obama Girl.  I can probably be cool with about 4 months before I get tired of her but she brings hope.  Hope to all young pageant girls who thought that they peaked in life when they won the 2003 Miss NYC Hawaiian Tropic pageant.  Hope to any hot chic who can put on a bikini and has at least dial up access.  Hope to me that an 85 year old Hugh Hefner can find it in his heart to let her pose nude for him.  Today is all about hope.  Tomorrow is about change.  I am hoping the Obama girl changes out of that bikini and hits the March issue of Playboy for me.  Keep hope alive and always believe in change.


2 Responses to “Yes We Can”

  1. and has at least dial up access.

    I have hope!

  2. Ya go ahead and send the pics today and I should receive them by August unless somebody calls you in the next few months and knocks your connection.

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