Azteca Reporter: Mireya Grisales


Once again, we have to let Mexico show us how to do things.  That young lady at Media day is Mireya Grisales.  She is the sports reporter from either Azteca or Telemundo.  You probably did not recognize the fact that she is a journalist because she is not dressed like the American sports reporters.  In Mexico, they keep things very simple.  Take a good look.  You have high heels, a mini skirt, and a half shirt.  The kneepads and the number 69 are thrown in for the slower viewers.  You get the idea.  In America, we have our women reporters dress as if they just closed a real estate deal for Century 21.  They lower their voices just to make sure you don’t get the wrong idea about their integrity.  Who is a bigger hit during media day?  (1) Michelle Tafoya drilling a back up guard about blitz pick ups or (2) Mireya Grisales just bouncing around.  I think I’ll go with numero dos on that one.

(Click Here) for Telemundo Weather girls


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