Next Cowboys Coach?


I know this is Super Bowl week.  Why am I talking about girl’s basketball?  Nobody gives a damn about the WNBA but girl’s high school may finally generate some interest.  Many of you have heard about The Covenant School beating Dallas Academy 100-0 last week in a girls high school basketball game.  What makes this even better is that The Covenant School is a private Christian school and Dallas Academy has a total of 20 girls in the entire school with 8 on their team.  Dallas Academy specializes in students with learning disabilities.  If you are ever going to show mercy on a team, Dallas Academy is the team you call off the dogs.  Covenant coach Micah Grimes would have made both OJ and Michael Vick proud.  Not only did he keep his foot on the throat, he refused to apologize after the game.  He was also fired on Monday.  I guess it is now unacceptable to run a full court press when you are up 59-o at the half.  Or is it?

I know these are 16 year old girls with learning disabilities but Grimes showed me something.  Do you think Wade Phillips would have kept the pressure up at 82-0?  He does not have that kind of killer instinct.  Micah Grimes humiliated a group of 16 year old girls while coaching a Christian school.  Think what he would do to the Giants if he had totally control of the Dallas Cowboys.  We need a coach that will go for the throat and is not scared to traumatize a girls high school team to get his respect.  Sorry Wade.  I found your replacement.


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