Tony Romo Cheats


That didn’t take long.  Star Magazine is reporting that Tony went to a party with the kid E from Entourage and some nobody from the MTV show the Hills.  (Is that not the Axis of Douchebags?)  He ended up bringing the party back to Jessica’s house and banged a chic upstairs in Jessica’s bed.  Star does not say if Jessica was in the bed at the time. This could have been a failed menage a trois with a dumb chic that barely speaks English, let alone French.

I called Romo out for not showing any drive or leadership skills.  Romo, I was wrong.  You may not care about winning football games or the Super Bowl but when Jessica puts on 50 lbs look out.  You finally find something to care about.   You could have subtly told Jess to slow down with the cheese fries.  Maybe bring home a scale or something classy like that.  No, you did it the old fashioned way which is to bang another chic the moment she breaks a sweat while eating breakfast.  Where was that killer instinct in December when the Eagles destroyed you?  I don’t care.  You now have the eye of the tiger.  I can’t wait for training camp.  Troy Aikman never had this problem.  Go Cowboys.

Click here to see why he cheated.


One Response to “Tony Romo Cheats”

  1. I guess she’s on Tony Romo’s diet… Have you seen the latest pics? Jeez…
    Jessica Simpson Fat

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