Weekend Picks


Big weekend for the sports fan.  You had better enjoy this weekend to the fullest because there are absolutely no more sports on tv for months.  These picks are for entertainment purposes only.  Do not blame me when Luther is laying a pipe wrench to your kneecaps.  Here we go:

UFC: Penn vs GSP. This is the toughest fight to call in a long time.  GSP is heavily favored and should come in 15lbs larger than Penn.  If he can counter Penn’s jab, then it is going to be along night for BJ.  I’m hoping BJ can land a big shot and then submit the dirty Canadian.  I just do not see it happening.  GSP will take Penn down early and often and just overwhelm him with knees and elbows on the ground.  My prediction is GSP by ref stoppage in the 4th round.

Bonus pick.  Give me Clay Guida over Nate Diaz in what will be the most exciting fight of the night.  These guys will put on a show for three rounds but I see Guida winning a close decision.

Jennifer Hudson with the Over.  I have no idea who she is.  That is why she is going to sing the anthem as long as she possibly can.  The only concern is her cardio.  She does not appear to be able to take it much longer than 2 minutes but I think she sucks it up and delivers with a 2:14 anthem.  Easy money.

Take Santonio Holmes at 2/1 to be the first player to get arrested.  This will happen within 9 days after the Superbowl with a drunk and disorderly charge along with a minor weed possession.

Pittsburgh Steelers win easily.  The line is somewhere between 6 and 7.  It will not matter.  I see this being an easy victory for the Steelers.  The front 7 will stop the run while also putting pressure on Warner.  I would like for Warner to succeed but I see him turning the ball over at least 4 times with one going back for a TD.  The Steeler corners are not great but they will get safety help on LF, which will take him out of the game.  Do not under estimate the Cardinals’ defense but I think the Pitt defense and special teams turn this into a blowout.  My final Prediction.  Steelers 27 Cardinals 13


2 Responses to “Weekend Picks”

  1. doublebacon Says:

    Damn, so far you’ve pretty much nailed it so far.

  2. Now we’ll see if Jennifer Hudson has the cardio to make it two minutes. She may passout trying.

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