The Ike Awards: Chris Brown


First, I have no idea who Chris Brown is other than the fact that he just got the cuffs slapped on him.  I assume he is a singer and not a rapper.  If he is a rapper, he needs to work on his rappy name.  Chris Brown is the name of the guy who is about to lose his job at Circuit City not some hard core rapper.  I do give him props for trying to give himself some street cred but if you are going to go that route try leaving your female out of it.  You are at the Grammys.  Just pick the most feminine guy there.  I’m sure you could find Justin Timberlake.  He’d go down with a jab faster than Elton John.  That’s not going to earn you respect on my streets but you’d get your name in the press.  You should have just told the police she hit her eye on the coffee table playing Wii.  Not that smacking Rihanna doesn’t get you some name recognition.  Anyway, I now have heard of you so mission accomplished.  You, Chris Brown, receive the first Ike award for the 2009 year.  Not exactly a Grammy but it is still an award.


6 Responses to “The Ike Awards: Chris Brown”

  1. i THiNK DiS iS BUllSHYT.!

  2. yaz, i agrree withh daark aenjool. thiz iz sum crap biznis. ya boi.

  3. stuffgirlslike Says:

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  4. That’s a great post, I love it! Too bad it’s true..

  5. this whole thing is driving me crazy, at first i was made at chris brown

  6. Wow! Thanks a lot for this. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

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