Arod Gets Poked in the Ass


I’ll give Arod credit.  He admitted today that he used roids back when he played for the Rangers.  Not a huge surprise considering the fact that just about every player on that team was roiding.  The Rangers had more testosterone flowing through that locker room than a Monsters of Rock concert.  The crazy part was they still finished last.  I don’t understand how that happens.  Those are your Rangers though.

What surprises me is that he could not figure out a way to cycle his roids into October when he played for the Yankees.  The dude ended up batting .150 in the post season.  Now he has to do it on his own because he will get tested every other day.  There is no way in hell he is going to pass a performance enhancing test while he’s banging Madonna.  Look at that freak.  No way sharing body fluids with her will help him pass his test.  Arod might as well screw Lou Ferrigno in his prime instead of Madonna.  At least he’d have less testosterone running through his veins afterwards.


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