Buffalo Jills Hit Iraq

Buffalo Jill

The Buffalo Bills sent their cheerleaders (The Jills) to Iraq to visit the troops.  They did a great job cheering on the Bills to all of those Super Bowl victories in the 90s.  What better place to send them then to Iraq?  The girl in the above picture might try playing a little harder to get.  This isn’t the La Quinta lobby in Up State New York.  You are in freaking Baghdad.  Women in Iraq get their heads cut off for showing too much eyelash.  Unless, Uday or Qusay Hussein show back up, you might want to tone it down a little in the hotel lobby.  You don’t have to advertise like you are going out of business on President’s Day.  Just sit there with your legs crossed and guys will approach you.  Women at the Bunny Ranch are more modest than that.


4 Responses to “Buffalo Jills Hit Iraq”

  1. Show a little more class with your posts..that girl has more in her little pinkie than you do in your entire body

  2. You show some class Joe. I never once said anything about my little pinkie in her entire body. What is wrong with you? She deserves better than that.

  3. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    I think you are being harsh. It is a very common and natural pose. I have dozens of old photo’s of my aunt, grandmother and mother all in similiar poses at family picnics and church gatherings…

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