Oscar Wrap Up


I actually did not watch the Oscars last night.  Megan Fox was not nominated for Chairman of the Board 2 so it really wasn’t worth watching.  The movie Slumdog Millionaire did win.  No, it was not the Pac Man Jones biopic.  It was about a kid that works in a call center and charms snakes or whatever.  Thank you India for finding something else to outsource.  Congratulations to Sean Penn who won for his portrayal of Justin Timberlake.  Nobody outside of Vermont has actually watched it but good job Penn.

The main thing that I got out of last night was that Toby Keith waited too late to introduce his fashion line.  The stars were way too uptight.  You did not see Meryl Streep in a dress with a dragon, pitbull or eagle stitched across the back.   Or Brad Pitt wearing a tuxedo with a rhinestone rattlesnake playing a banjo. Toby Keith will change things.   His line, TK Steelman, relies heavily on the folded straw cowboy hat, bandana, no shirt, and leather wrist bands.  It sucks that TK Steelman did not make it in time for the Academy Awards but luckily for me it will be out by prom season.  We did not have fashion designers like Toby Keith when I was in high school years ago.  This prom year may be my year.


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