What’s Love Got To Do With It?


The Internet is reporting that Rihanna has weathered the first round beating she took from Chris Brown and is back for Round 2.  What the hell is this girl thinking?  Is she now taking relationship advice from the producers of Cops?  Here is a little hint for you Rhianna.  He’s just not into you.    You need to move on while you can.

As for the girlfriend beater pictured above in a wife beater, his career is over.  Most people have no idea who that douchebag is and still hate him.  America hates guys that smack their girlfriends.  You never saw Al Bundy come home from a rough day at work and slug Peggy Bundy’s cigarette out of her mouth.  Mike Brady never took a swing at his old lady for having all those kids.  It is pretty simple.

That being said.  Here is some relationship advice from Kige Ramsey.


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