Deuce Doesn’t Beat Big City Prices


Former New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister filed for bankruptcy today because he owes Nissan 6.6 million.   For some idiotic reason Deuce thought it would be a good idea to invest 6 million in a car lot in Mississippi.  No offense to my friends in the South but are you really ready for a car dealership?  I’m betting that the handful of people who drive cars in Mississippi choose between a Ford F150 or the  Chevy Truck.  Nissan’s just do not handle well on dirt roads.    Note to Deuce.  You may also want to close your Yacht dealership in Kentucky and your Gulfstream showroom in Kansas.  While you are at it, the people of Iowa do not need that uppity Wendy’s you built.  Just put your money in your savings account or invest in your rims.  Stop being the Donald Trump of Mississippi.


5 Responses to “Deuce Doesn’t Beat Big City Prices”

  1. Miss Girl Says:

    Hey, fat guy. Ever been to Mississippi? It’s not all mud piles, you know. I find your comments extremely bigoted and bordering on racist (uppity????).

  2. Dude, you’re all kinds of lame.

  3. Ccase39 from louisiana Says:

    This is fucking hilarious! C’mon I guess its funny how rednecks dont have a sense of humor when it comes to people making fun of them, but they wont hesitate to rape their daughters while cracking a joke about blacks or gays.

  4. Ccase39 from louisiana Says:

    I bet those numbnut assholes on saintsreport are all on suicide watch with their feelings hurt over this one!

  5. We welcome all saints fans. Should have a special report on Shockey’s condition soon.

    Miss Girl…I would say you are a bordering on being an idiot but you have crossed that one. I have been to good ole Miss and they understand humor which is not uppity.

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