All Knowing Review


Nicolas Cage plays a MIT professor with Tourettes (Why?) who discovers a piece of paper full of numbers that allows him to predict major disasters in the movie Knowing.  The trailer shows the world exploding so I guess he does not figure it out in time.  Sorry…I left out Spoiler Alert before typing that last sentence.   But I really did not watch this movie and will never see it so my review is just based upon all of the other crap movies that Hollywood is throwing at us and my ability to see the future.

Keeping in the spirit of Knowing, let’s see if you can figure this number sequence out:  8.50 5.25 6.75 20.50.  That is the cost of a ticket, coke, pop corn and total amount wasted on this crap.  Cage will play the exact same “intense” character he plays in every movie except this time they throw in math.  Most of this country is too stupid to give me the correct change at McDonalds so they have nailed the target audience of nobody.

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8 Responses to “All Knowing Review”

  1. Annie M. Says:

    Dear whomever is the reporter of this Review. Is this review by an American? or someone native to America.

    I feel you may have mean’t in this sentence……”Cage will play the exact same “intense” character he plays in every movie except this time they throw in maths”. You forgot to put in the “S”, perhaps we digest different dictionaries…I really swear by the concise English Oxford Dictionary perhaps you may find this stimulating unlike the adjectives that you deem acceptable in this column. I happened by a local festival in Kew Melbourne on Saturday and extraordinarily the local council were giving out, as incentives to locals….little zip-up poo bags that responsible pet-owners deposit their dogs …. what was that adjective you used XXXX in? If we were on the same continent I would share a poo zip-up with you to deposit your review in. Unnecessary review. Besides perhaps if you stood next to Nicholas in the movie you may appreciate his normalness.

  2. Annie,
    In North America, we use the term Math in singular form. You may want to recheck your English Oxford Dictionary to see if it mentions the North American use of the word math. I will speak for all people in North America and demand an apology for your arrogant attacks.

    I have no idea why pet owners in Melbourne deposit their dogs in zip up poo bags. I hope your dog does not suffocate. This sounds cruel to me. Nice attempt of an analogy. Did not work but nice attempt.

    I am a bit confused as to what you were trying to convey. I believe your whole comment was to debate the movie Knowing. Go see it and write a review. I will be glad to post your review on this site. My point remains that this is a crap movie that they waste money making.

    G’Day Mate

  3. seventytwo Says:

    pmsl! Hilarious response to to someone trying to appear intellectual but instead coming across as some pompous old tit. I’ve always wanted to like nicholas cage but yeah he is a shit actor so thanks for the reminder and for saving me a few quid.

  4. The person who wrote the article is a bit off in their math. The cost of me seeing this movie is about 1/4 what he/she claims it’ll be.

  5. Really? Where did you watch this? It has to be the exchange rate. We will give you crappy movies in exchange for less of your currency. No way you paid 2.50 for this in the United States. Are you sure you didn’t just rent National Treasure and watch this at your house with some microwave popcorn?

  6. Haha I also paid 2.50, Oakbrook movie theatre matinee

  7. Chillkorn pichayawut Says:

    KNOWING 2012

  8. Chillkorn pichayawut Says:


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