Bruce Willis is better than you


Bruce Willis finally got his revenge.  He’s been putting up with all of those stupid you got punked jokes for the last five years.  The guy has handled the entire Ashton/Demi thing with class.  He just set back and took it all in and said nothing.  This weekend Bruce Willis got his revenge.  Take a look at Emma Hemming.  He pretty much picked her out of a modeling agency, casted her in his movie and married her.  That is how you do it Ashton.  She’s 30 years old and smoking hot and he’s 54.

Don’t get me wrong.  Demi Moore looks great for her being in her 50’s.  She’s also a cheap date as you can get the Senior discount at Denny’s.  Too bad you have to eat dinner at 4:00 pm.  The greatest part is that Ashton is also raising the teenage daughters for Bruce while he is hitting that.  You really punked him Ashton.


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