New York Jets Draft Blunders

The 2009 NFL Draft is this weekend.  This is a great time if you are a football fan.  You can forget about your team choking in front of a third rate team in a forth rate state with fifth rate fans four months ago in Philly.  It is a great tradition to put aside the yard work.  Ignore your family and just sit on the couch and gaze at Mel Kipers’ helmet head for 9 hours.  To get you ready and in the right mindset, I have added the New York Jets draft blunders.

It is amazing that this franchise hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the 1960s.  Actually, it is pretty much to be expected.  You draft Ken O’Brian instead of Dan Marino.  Kyle Brady instead of Warren Sapp.  Blair Thomas instead of Emmitt Smith.  Dave Kadigan instead of Michael Irvin.  Two tight ends and a full back later you have nothing to show for this.  The sad thing is that if you just let your own fans up in the nose bleeds run your draft, you’d probably have three Super Bowls.  Sure, they have bad mustaches and terrible grooming habits but you cannot tell me these guys wouldn’t pull a Pro Bowl player out every round.

Here is my pick for you Jets fans.  Rey Mauluga LB USC.  He should be there at 17 and he will light people up for the next 7 years.


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