So long Jessica


I really wanted a full off season to erase the bad taste from the Cowboys laying down against the Eagles.  This is close enough.  Tony Romo finally backed the dump truck up on Jessica Simpson.  I normally would take the time to blame Simpson for basically ruining the last two seasons but I am not.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m happy that her idiot family has been removed from the scene.  I am really questioning Tony Romo.  Keep in mind he sought her out and met with Joe Simpson first to arrange this.  He somehow manages to have two and a half years of conversations with Jessica which makes me question his intelligence.  He smashes her the night before her birthday and still sticks around Hollywood and hits the clubs.  It  seems like may be the attention whore in this whole thing.  That is fine if you win and take care of business in the off season.  He’s actually doing better than Super Bowl champ Ben Rothlesburg who is getting sued by a hotel maid for rape.  (I guess he is not doing any Super 8 endorsements but he should know you don’t get that kind of service for 39 bucks) The jury is still out on Romo.  The whole season again depends on Romo and whether he would wants to be  in Sports Illustrated or Star Magazine.  We will see if he learned from this mess.  Beat the Giants, beat the Eagles, even the Rams and we’ll talk.


One Response to “So long Jessica”

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