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Just when you thought they ran out of ideas for shows.  VH1 brings us the TO show.  I was pretty much expecting a show that had TO running around with his shirt off and talking about people not understanding him.  You eagle fans can relax.  There were plenty of shots of him running around with his shirt off and some are in slow motion so you won’t even have to slow it down.  That will keep most Eagle fans busy for at least another month.  Other than that it may be a decent show.  The previews show him go through one woman after the other.  The only thing missing is the viking helmet and giant clock.  He is also shown going back and trying to talk to his father and a nice moment with his grandmother who raised him.  I am still confused about how Jerry Jones explained to him he was cut on a table cloth.  The show touches on that and you can see why he seems confused why he was cut when they ask him.  He seemed more hurt than angry but I can still see him releasing a sex tape with Jessica Simpson in a few months.   Overall, I will say give it a chance.


2 Responses to “The TO Show”

  1. Just watched the premiere of The TO Show last night, and I actually thought it was a pretty funny look into everyone’s favorite narcissist. It’s like an accident that you know you shouldn’t look at, but you can’t turn away from.

    There’s a preview clip and a review posted at :

    Definitely worth watching, even if it was obviously scripted…just too much comedy gold. And surprisingly enough, they actually had some good music, like Tokyo Police Club’s “Graves” – and here I thought that VH1 and MTV totally dropped music from their channels.

  2. rodrigo jimenez Says:

    what’sup mexican you are the best but

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