Screw Philly


Just when you ran out of reasons to hate all things Philly.  Michael Vick is back.  I really do not have a problem with a guy paying his debt to society and going after the best job he can find.  My problem is that the Eagles had to step up and welcome him back.  He didn’t kill anybody like Dante Stallworth but at least Stallworth is remorseful.  You can see that in his interview and I feel bad for the guy.  He deserves every bit of hard times and scorn that comes his way.  But at least he did not knowingly do this every day.  Michael Vick knew exactly what he was doing.  He was not impaired.  He was not remorseful.  He knew that his cousins took people’s pets and taped their mouths shut to get his pit bulls ready.  He knew that if the dog wasn’t vicious enough they would have to be put down.  He knew that if a dog is maimed too bad.  So Philly, don’t give me that crap about Vick now feels bad and wished it didn’t happen when he could have stopped it anytime.  I just can’t wait until Mcnabb one hops his next pass and you boo the hell out of him and cheer the Dog Killer.  Here is to DWare breaking him in half and making him fall back on his Va. Tech education.


4 Responses to “Screw Philly”

  1. I agree.

    Someone should tape his mouth shut, nearly drown him, pull him out of the pool, give him a sec to catch his breath, hang him til he’s almost dead, and then cut him down and shoot him in the stomach. Then let some unrehabilitated Pitbulls finish the job.

  2. I find it disturbing that you would rather praise the dumbass stallworth just because he was remorseful? and you use vick was not impaired…. So you think its fine that stallworth killed them since he was impaired its not all his fault or he didnt have control of it….???????? Hes the dumbass that drank….oh and demarcus wont be able to catch vick….oh and im a chargers fan so i couldn’t care less about any of these people

  3. What part of “He deserves every bit of scorn and hard times that comes in his way” do you consider praise? Where did it say that it was fine to kill a guy because you are impaired and did not have control of it? Your two points that you find disturbing are not mentioned in the 8 or so sentences that you just read. Nice Job.

  4. Mac -n-Tosh Says:

    yall need to stop it, dang the man messed up, im sure he did know what he was doing. He got caught up, did his debt to society and now he is back. Im sure in a few years, this will be history written in a book. So back up off the man and let his (N*ts) breathe. Yall acting like he is Ted Bundy or someone.

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