Alabama Fan Loses It

College Football is back and what better way then to highlight the nice fan base from Alabama.  I’ll admit that I knew this was not going to be pretty when I received this link that simply stated Bama Fan.  Sure enough the jackass made a fool of himself with his pom poms and surprisingly without the aid of Jack Daniels.  Something tells me had a similar reaction during Obama’s speech last night.  This was game one.  Enjoy the season and learn how to swing a folding chair like a man.


2 Responses to “Alabama Fan Loses It”

  1. girlinhat42 Says:

    What amazes me most of all, is that he hits the screen with his visor (yeah, a visor of all things) and shouts curses, and the other guy responds, “You can’t call foul on that, he was in the inzone.” He didn’t say “Watch your language” or “That flatscreen cost a couple grand” or “There’s children within earshot”.

    Being in Alabama and exposed to this kind of mess… yeah, it works like that. More sad, I live in the same town as the UA, so whenever there’s a local game… During game time, there are exactly 0 parking spaces in town, and there’s exactly 1 person outside. That person is me, because while everyone else is glued to their TV’s, I go shopping! This kind of behaviour though, is fairly common, sadly enough.

  2. doublebacon Says:

    I can’t imagine what this guy would of done had he been at his own house. What a douche…

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