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Oscar Wrap Up

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I actually did not watch the Oscars last night.  Megan Fox was not nominated for Chairman of the Board 2 so it really wasn’t worth watching.  The movie Slumdog Millionaire did win.  No, it was not the Pac Man Jones biopic.  It was about a kid that works in a call center and charms snakes or whatever.  Thank you India for finding something else to outsource.  Congratulations to Sean Penn who won for his portrayal of Justin Timberlake.  Nobody outside of Vermont has actually watched it but good job Penn.

The main thing that I got out of last night was that Toby Keith waited too late to introduce his fashion line.  The stars were way too uptight.  You did not see Meryl Streep in a dress with a dragon, pitbull or eagle stitched across the back.   Or Brad Pitt wearing a tuxedo with a rhinestone rattlesnake playing a banjo. Toby Keith will change things.   His line, TK Steelman, relies heavily on the folded straw cowboy hat, bandana, no shirt, and leather wrist bands.  It sucks that TK Steelman did not make it in time for the Academy Awards but luckily for me it will be out by prom season.  We did not have fashion designers like Toby Keith when I was in high school years ago.  This prom year may be my year.


New UFC Ring Girl

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Enough about hockey.  Let’s get back to sports.  There is a bit of controversy surrounding the new ring girl for the UFC.  The ring girl is very important as it balances out the fact that you are watching two guys in shorts roll around on the ground together for long periods of time.  Sure they are beating the crap out of each other but it does get awkward to hear the terms rear naked choke and full mount yelled out by one of the other 50 dudes watching this with you.  The ring girl allows you to watch a nice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu display without being homo.  Here is the controversy.  Many of the UFC fans are not feeling this girl.  She is a throwback to the days when the cost of breast implants exceeded a 19 year old girl’s credit limit.  I personally think she will be fine and like her look.  America is certainly divided.  Is Vegas ready for a girl like this?  Right now, she is the Jackie Robinson of 2008 ring girls.  I think the over under for her getting implants is 3 months.  Any takers?  Should she?  This is a serious discussion.  Let’s keep this professional.

All Points Bulletin

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I’ve always heard that you cannot put a price tag on class.  After seeing the bracelet in the picture above, I totally disagree.  I have now found exactly what I want for Christmas.  I admit that I do not attend too many Source Awards but this would be perfect to wear during formal events and charity benefits.  The problem is that I am not sure where you go to buy something like this.  The jewelry section in JC Penney is probably not going to have it.  You will probably find it at a kiosk in a New Jersey mall.  I don’t know.  This may be a one of a kind item so be sure and wipe the blood off of if you go that route.  It makes it really special if you snatch it for me.  I do not snitch.  Merry Christmas

Megan Fox

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In order to ease tensions in the Middle East, I have posted this nice picture of Megan Fox.  Many of our new Middle Eastern readers did not appreciate that I said that the reporter who threw shoes at Bush should have his nuts shocked until the village that he lives in loses power, which prevents them from watching the Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants game.  Many did not get the joke and were very angry with us.  I mean no harm to our new readers from the Middle East.  Therefore, I have posted this nice picture of Megan Fox from what looks like my Library on the East Wing of my West Coast mansion for all of us to enjoy.  Problem solved.

Khloe Kardashian

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Isn’t Peta supposed to be against the exploitation of big dumb animals?  Naked? We’d rather see you just go away.  I’m sorry but when you are famous for either being the sister of a girl in a sex tape with a wannabe rapper or famous for being the daughter of a guy who helped OJ beat a murder charge, then I don’t want to see you.  I don’t care about your grooming techniques or whatever you are insinuating.  The sad thing is that Peta picked the only Kardashian that couldn’t get OJ off if she tried.  Was Kim or that other sister not available?  Great score Peta.  Khloe Kardashian.  I’m sure no cows were harmed to fit in that big ass.  That is a Mcdouble ass if I’ve ever seen one.  No hypocrisy at all Peta.

UPDATED: This post is dedicated to our friend DC.  She lost her 20’s today.  Our thoughts are with her.  Happy Birthday DC.

UPDATED: Click Here for Khloe Wedding News and Pics

PETA and Fur

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Nobody cares about fur Peta.  The only people who wear fur are pimps, rappers, Aretha Franklin, rich old white ladies and Lindsey Lohan.  That is about 25 people out of 3 billion.  Can you focus your hunger anger somewhere else?  It is not like Target has a fur coat section right next to the patio furniture department.  The fact is you have to be either super rich or a varmint hunter to wear fur.  Who is Lindsay Lohan hurting?  Maybe half of a chinchilla at the most gives it up for her skinny ass.  Peta gets even by throwing a bag of flour on her.  That is just mean.  Poor Lindsay’s cocaine nose has been twitching like the Bewitched lady for the last week because of you.  I wish that little boy she hangs with had put his foot up your ass.  Just mind your damn business and eat something.

Why do I care?  I really don’t.  I’m actually on Peta’s side in that Lindsey should not wear so much clothing in the first place.  I do not wear fur mainly because there are not enough rats in Harlem to outfit me in a coat.  If you really care about these animals, go after your neighborhood pimp.  Throw flour in his face.  Go after Snoop or the surviving members of WuTang.  See what happens to you when Snoop busts out his pimp hand.  I just want you to quit crying every time I eat brunch and stay away from my family sized bucket of chicken.  Unlike that little boy, I will put my foot up your ass.

Hillary the Secretary

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Slow your roll there Hillary.  When you asked Obama for a place in his administration, I think you may have misunderstood the man.  “Answer my phones bitch” does not mean Secretary of State.  You will be talking to world leaders but your answers will be Mr. Obama is not available.  Can I take a message?  Cheer up though.  While Palin drops 150 large on clothes from Neiman Marcus, nobody is going to be upset with your $43 pantsuit bill from Sears and Roebuck.  Don’t worry about spilling Obama’s coffee on that nice yellow number you sported in Ohio.  Sears makes a high quality non stain product.  I’m sure there is an intern joke in there somewhere but I’m better than that.