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Azteca Reporter: Mireya Grisales

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Once again, we have to let Mexico show us how to do things.  That young lady at Media day is Mireya Grisales.  She is the sports reporter from either Azteca or Telemundo.  You probably did not recognize the fact that she is a journalist because she is not dressed like the American sports reporters.  In Mexico, they keep things very simple.  Take a good look.  You have high heels, a mini skirt, and a half shirt.  The kneepads and the number 69 are thrown in for the slower viewers.  You get the idea.  In America, we have our women reporters dress as if they just closed a real estate deal for Century 21.  They lower their voices just to make sure you don’t get the wrong idea about their integrity.  Who is a bigger hit during media day?  (1) Michelle Tafoya drilling a back up guard about blitz pick ups or (2) Mireya Grisales just bouncing around.  I think I’ll go with numero dos on that one.

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Check it out

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H8torade has a video that should put an end to you wannabe solid gold dancers.  I dare you not to look at this trainwreck.

Click here is the Link

While we are at it.  Here is a nice shot of some girl from the new 90210 showing us what happens when you run with a loose top and no bra.

Click here…Unless you work for Penthouse it is not safe for work

More Hate in 2009

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Attn Readers:

I’m sure most of you can agree with me that there is not enough hate in this world.  We are going to take care of that.  I am proud to announce that we are linking with our friends  at .  Please take a few minutes and check out their site.  I promise you will have a good laugh.

Happy New Years

Good Luck Tara Reid

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We would like to wish Tara Reid good luck in her first rehab appearance.  Sure, it is probably ten years too late and her career is over but she can now go through life completely sober.  It has been a rough nine years for the American Pie actors.  The dumb guy had his girl abducted by Tom Cruise.  The naked girl with the bad foreign accent is going all in against Carrot Top at 3am in the morning on UPN’s “Celebrity” Poker.  The red headed girl has a tv show on some channel that nobody watches.  The other two guys couldn’t make it on Americas Most Wanted if they killed the President.  Poor Tara’s plastic surgery could not have been worse.  I would have done a better job with a jackhammer after 9 redbulls.   Why didn’t she just wait until season 2 of Celebrity Rehab?  Oh well, good luck Tara.  We wish you the best.

El Paso 911

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I roll in the suburbs and we do not have much of a gang problem outside of those 14 year old skateboarders in the Office Max parking lot that sometimes cause quite  the ruckus.  But there is no longer a need to worry.  The El Paso PD has produced a fine PSA that will end gangbanging.  Everybody knows the best way to reach these boyz in the hood is through rap music.  Throw in a white cop rapping for added street appeal and problem solved.  Lets see.  Cops, White Rappers, Old People and an uncomfortable lynching scene.  What could go wrong?  Thanks to for finding this gem.