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Santa Cruz City Council

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How in the hell is California broke when you have clear leadership like this in your local government?  I want to laugh at her but she seems sincere.  Her entire speech sounds like she is running for the 4th grade student council at Bayside.  I will say this.   This girl gets hotter by the second.  Every um and ended thought just does something for me.  If she dropped 20lbs, she would be your next morning host on Fox News.  Somebody may want  to let her  know about the Emancipation Proclamation but who cares.  She’s on the side of the country that doesn’t have slaves unlike you dirty Philly people.  She was a bit Socialist with her idea for free food but she did mention that she wanted to pay the farmers but not the land and then sell the fruits and vegetables from the trees at the farmers market.  The sad thing about this is that there is some poor guy who has to listen to this every night when he gets home.   She should really consider moving to a small state that is freezing cold and run for Governor.  I think Alaska has an opening.


Buffalo Jills Hit Iraq

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Buffalo Jill

The Buffalo Bills sent their cheerleaders (The Jills) to Iraq to visit the troops.  They did a great job cheering on the Bills to all of those Super Bowl victories in the 90s.  What better place to send them then to Iraq?  The girl in the above picture might try playing a little harder to get.  This isn’t the La Quinta lobby in Up State New York.  You are in freaking Baghdad.  Women in Iraq get their heads cut off for showing too much eyelash.  Unless, Uday or Qusay Hussein show back up, you might want to tone it down a little in the hotel lobby.  You don’t have to advertise like you are going out of business on President’s Day.  Just sit there with your legs crossed and guys will approach you.  Women at the Bunny Ranch are more modest than that.

Ay dios mio

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This is one of the few times that you will be disappointed to hear the words stripped and Mexican beauty queen in the same sentence.  I am a bit confused on this one.  Mexico stripped the crown from Laura Zuniga for drug trafficking.  This is like South Carolina taking the title from Ms. South Carolina because she cannot read or Ms. Kentucky losing her crown because she cannot spell.  It blows my mind that Mexico takes such drastic measures.  Is drug running not part of the talent portion of the show?  You would think that drug running, muling and kidnapping would be a major player in any talent competition for the Ms Mexico pageant.  Not sure what the world is coming to these days.  On a positive note, I will now make Ms. Zuniga my exclusive dealer.  She would make my life a whole lot easier if she would make house calls and leave her vatos back in Mexico.