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Collinsworth likes them young

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Great piece of journalism here.  Terre Blair explores the myth that millionaire professional athletes do better with the ladies than your average factory worker.  Guess what?  They do.  I’m glad that mystery is solved.

Cris Collinsworth probably wants this one back.  He shares of technique of walking around with 100 dollar bills in his pocket and also talks about the high school girls.  It sounds like his 100 bill trick only works with girls ages 14-18 until they figure it out around their freshman year of college.  Now that he is replacing Madden.  Do you think we may have a new Collinsworth Cruiser?  Just a nice yellow school bus should do the trick.


Rosie’s Variety Show

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When I first saw the commercial for Rosie O’Donnell’s variety show, I thought the same thing that everybody else thought.  Man, John Madden really let himself go.  But to my surprise, it was actually Rosie making her big comeback.  For whatever reason, NBC decided to give her an hour to sing, dance and tell jokes.  I’m not buying your crap NBC.  You first give us Knight Rider without the Hoff and now this garbage.  Put Rosie up against Kobayashi eating hot dogs and I might switch over and watch.  I would even watch her headbutt a giant block of ice to see what would happen.  However, there is no way in hell that I am watching that big headed monster sing and dance.  Televisions were not designed for that melon head.  I would need NASA to configure my TV to fit her cranium in my 65 inch screen.  Sorry Rosie.  We as a society are just not ready for your variety show.  We will figure out something else for you to do in a later column.  It’s not us it’s you.