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Oprah Visits Texas State Fair

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fried butter balls

If you build it, fatties will come.  For years the Texas fair has deep fried everything that anybody south of the Red River could think of as being somewhat edible.  For the first time, some genius came up with frying butter.  I have no idea how this works.  In theory you would just end up slurping up melted butter and grease.  The picture above actually looks pretty good.  You use some form of dough and then wrap butter inside and drop it into the fry daddy.  Pretty simple and pretty amazing that this hasn’t been thought of before now.   It also took Oprah all of a week to hear about this latest food idea and bring her show to Texas.  The last time she came to Texas she was hauled into court for driving the prices of beef down.  All she did was said she wasn’t eating beef and the price dropped.  I never thought she’d come back to Texas but that was before deep fried butter.


Welcome Back Oprah

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Winfrey Weight

Don’t call it a comeback.  Did anybody doubt that she would make it back to 2 bills.  Really?  We knew you had it in you Oprah.  The diet experts, personal trainers, and Dr. Phil are not going to help you.  Just be honest and tell America what your favorite things really are.  We’ve talked about them here.  We’ve have Wendy’s, we have McDonalds, we have KFC, we have Bacon Ice Cream and the list goes on and on.

There is one question that needs to be answered.  Where does this put Oprah in the hottest women of afternoon talk?  You have Rosie, Ellen and Oprah.  You could probably throw in Dr. Phil and Judge Judy but we should just rank the Big 3.  Are women that insecure that you have to give us that choice?  Megan Fox can’t talk to celebs?  This is a serious question and I demand answers.